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Why We are Here

After many years researching in preparation for Bible Studies and the celebration of the Hebrew Feasts, this site is a work in progress to provide those notes and insights to anyone who might find them useful.

This site also serves to support Hunger Relief Ministries , which is the organization through which we do what Jesus has set before us.

My Background

I am Michael P Lewis...but I prefer just "Mike". I have been here in the Dallas, Texas area since 1979. But, I was born in New Jersey in 1957. I grew up in the Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, where my father did his internship and residency for neurosurgery. I rarely saw him. My mother purposed a strong commitment to the community, and being personally involved in the lives of those who were in need. Although my very successful career as a petroleum geologist has kept me really busy, the ministerial aspect of my personality drove me…to the point that, I am now an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the NACM, chaplain at the Genesis Center North Texas women's shelter and teach/participate in several weekly Bible Studies.

Christ the King Catholic Church in Mt. Lookout, Cincinnati, OH was my sanctuary growing up. It had an associated parochial school, but I went through the public school system, and attended CCD classes (Catholic Sunday School for the public school kids) on Wednesday evenings. Although typically reserved for the parochial boys, I still managed to be an altar boy, and was very kindly treated by the priests and nuns of the church. I learned very young to rely on a merciful and loving Jesus, and that has served me well through the many twists and turns of life.

At 13, I had the blessing of a CCD teacher who was a bit of a renegade, and was very evangelistic…unusual for a Catholic in those times. He stealthily took our small class to some evangelical gatherings not associated with the church, at which I was first introduced to the Holy Spirit. This had a profound impact on my spiritual growth, and truly encouraged me to pursue my faith. Quickly realizing that the Catholic religion is fraught with too many false doctrines, I tried many different religions, engrossed in growing in learning all I could about spiritual things. My science background served me well, as I quickly found the problems with these religions, and moved on.

Although very successful as a Petroleum Geologist, with several businesses through the years, I was never satisfied by those activities. Business upheavals and huge successes, two divorces and other difficulties aside, I found my greatest joy and fulfillment in ministry throughout my life; teaching Bible Studies to youth and then adults, leading outreach and ministry activities in Dallas and then in Forney, Texas, singing in the choir and performing solos, and finally engaging as an official minister and chaplain.

The most important years of my spiritual life were spent at the Trinity Foundation in east Dallas from 1991 to about 2003, although the ministerial part of that group is now called Community on Columbia. The main focus was re-creating the First Century Church, which involved hands-on life with the homeless and needful in the surrounding community, including a school for the children and a "restaurant". Several daily Bible Studies, more in depth studies 2-3 evenings a week, an absorbing Sunday afternoon "sabbath" gathering, and full-on celebration of the Hebrew Feasts fostered a very close-knit membership of about 63 people, determined to do battle with their idolatries and false religious beliefs. At the core, Ole Anthony was a almost fanatically impassioned leader of the group, and his insights and hard-nosed view of walking with Jesus were both revelatory and engrossing...although at times, insufferable.

Moving away from the Trinity Foundation was a very difficult change for me, after raising my two boys there and calling it home for so many years. The closeness and love of that community was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, although those were also the most difficult years of my life. I moved my family away to try and stop my (ex-)wife from her inappropriate relationships. But, she ultimately filed for divorce and then all but ruined me with slanders and deceit. I spent several years floundering. But the hard years are those that cause us to grow the most.

I was blessed with a men's Bible Study that began out of nowhere in 2003. For several years, that provided the comradery and fellowship that I craved, and allowed me to teach the deeper things of the spirit that were planted so firmly in me. Plus, developing the Bible Study "lessons" provided a fertile purpose for my additional studies. Several men came out of that group as strong and committed ministers and Bible Study teachers, giving me the confidence to become more involved in leading spiritual gatherings. I started several Home Groups and did ministry as I was able while still raising my two boys by myself.

In 2011, after a brief and difficult one-year "rebound marriage", I married my third (and final, God willing) wife and, because she was Lutheran and the teachings of Luther fascinated me, I poured myself into a small Lutheran Church in Forney. I became very close friends with the pastor, a friendship that continues to this day, and did the Passover and other Hebrew Feast celebrations there for several years. I soon was the Outreach leader, and then became president of the church in 2017. That pastor was treated badly by several members of that church, and he and I together tried to steer the congregation toward the liberating truths of Jesus Christ. But, as so frequently happens in religious organizations, the "aristocracy" of the church was firmly planted in Lutheranism instead of Christianity, and both that pastor and I finally had to give up and leave that church.

As God does, this tragic event was a blessing, as that pastor is now a beloved chaplain at several area hospitals. For me, this meant that my family and I visited many churches in the area, and participated with several different ministries. This resulted in forming Forney Community Ministries, a coalition of organizations in Forney to do meaningful ministry together. Further, it resulted in forming Hunger Relief Ministries, and launched me into my own personal ministry activities. After teaching Bible Study for several years, I am now the chaplain at the Genesis Center North Texas in Kaufman, Texas, and my wife is the Executive Director.

My journey continues, of course. But the depth of His love has never been more obvioius to me. God is good... all the time!

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