All we like sheep have gone astray, every one unto his own way. (Isaiah 53:6)

After many years researching in preparation for Bible Studies, sermons, discussion groups, and the celebration of the Hebrew Feasts, this site is a work in progress to provide those notes and insights to anyone who might find them useful.

Bible History

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History of the Bible itself, and its various books.

Hebrew Feasts

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The major events in Jesus' life occurred in association with one or more of the Hebrew Feasts. After all, Jesus was a Hebrew! This study goes through all of the major feasts, especiallyl Passover to both set forth the basics of Jewish tradition, and the fulfillment in Jesus.

Book Studies

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Focused studies on various Books of the Bible (i.e. Acts, Romans, Job, etc.)

Zodiac & Stars

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The Zodiac is the story of Jesus in the stars. Astrology is apostacy. This study goes through the zodiac and the various constellations in detail to tell the greatest story ever told!

Science & Bible

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Recent advances in science are proving aspects of the Bible. But a strict view of the first chapters of Genesis, in particular, is both unnecessary and damaging to our faith. This study shows how science enhances our understanding of God and the Bible.

Other Studies

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We have many other studies you can find here, on various Christian topics.