After many years researching in preparation for Bible Studies, this site is a work in progress to provide those notes and insights to anyone who might find them useful.

Bible Studies

This section is a collection of Bible Studies I've done throughout the years. Some of the material comes from various other sources, and I didn't always write down from where. So, it will not be properly credited.

Anyway, please freely use this material in your studies. I hope it is helpful.

Prayer Study

My son (Harrison) was in a terrible auto accident that nearly cost him his life. It broke his back requiring rods, screws and fusing of vertabrae. Prior to the event, God told Harrison not to worry, that God would take care of him. When I got the call about the accident, God told me not to worry, that Harrison would be restored to full health. I don't remember getting assurance that clearly ever before in my life. It had a profound effect on me.

As a result, I launched into a study of prayer, which had been a weaker part of my walk with Christ. Although the discussions during our meetings added profoundly to the experience, my notes are presented in the "Prayer Study" section.

Nature of God

Truly understanding the profundity of God. This is a cursory look at his nature, as revealed in scripture... "Nature of God".

Origin of the Bible

Most Christians blindly believe that the Bible is the "inerrant Word of God", but never bother learning where it came from, and then actually reading it! Hopefully, the Bible Studies and other notes I've presented will help with the latter, but this study is a brief introduction for the former. "Origin of the Bible".